Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

A special Service-Post for M-tje, Sans! and Ewa... ;O)

... and of course for anybody else who might be interested...

Hi Ladies,

thank you for your lovely comments and asking about that kitchen floor in my witch tower. Well, tomorrow is a traditional "Kaffeeklatsch"-day on this blog, so I thought I might answer your questions this way...

First to Ewa's question: I had to look that up, the stones are mother-of-pearl (I've asked google translation, according to this "very helpful" tool that would be MACICA PERŁOWA or MASA PERŁOWA in your language). It was meant for crafting; you know, covering terracota pots with mosaic for the garden and stuff like that - but I thought it could be suitable for my plans. I laid the pieces in structure paste, again from craft supply, the one you use on canvas with acrylic paint. I use structure paste for many purposes, especially when a snow cover is needed (Remember the roofs of my christmas market - teehee). I only added a little paint this time.

And now to Margriet and Sans!: The round ornament in the middle is from a small greeting card - I have to admit it: It's simply paper *grin*. It's from a series showing original carpets and painted windows from Turkey. I bought it from a German Online Shop run by Kirsten Faust, she was pretty good in recognising that these cards are great for miniaturists... ;O) Here's a picture of the ornament I used for my floor:

And here is a pic of another ornament of this card series I used for an earlier project, my flower shop.
 I really like  those ornament cards, they are made of high quality paper and are even embossed. If you're interested, you'll find the link here.

After all the magic is gone away from my tower floor now, there's only one thing left to say: Thank you for making blogging so much fun and have a great Sunday!



The Old Maid hat gesagt…

Thank you so much Brigit! The ornament is fab! And this time google translated it good!:) Thanks a lot!:D

Margriet hat gesagt…

Thank you Birgit for this special post :-)
The ornament is beautiful and goes really well with the mother of pearl mozaic!!! Nothing wrong with using's the result that counts ;-)

Glenda hat gesagt…

What a beautiful floor! Paper is a great medium for minis, it has so many possibilities.
And mother-of-pearl - so lovely!

PAKY hat gesagt…

is a great idea! the floor is perfect! hugs

Sans! hat gesagt…

I love using paper especially when they are beautiful like this one. It made your floor pretty amazing so what's there not to like about it?! You have a great eye , Birgit :).

Thank you for explaining in this post. Now let me go listen to your gossip ! :)

Ulrike hat gesagt…

Ich habe das Ornament in der Mitte auch sehr bewundert. Dachte aber, es sei so ein Fertigmosaik, wie man es auch im Fliesenfachhandel bekommt. Du bist wirklich sehr erfinderisch. Großartig!!!

Liebe Grüße

A Little More Minis hat gesagt…

Hi Birgit,

That ornament looks beautiful and I can imagine that because it was embossed, it looks great in miniature life ;)

Thanks for sharing and also for making blogging so much fun to you too ;)

Hugs, Jollie