The Witch Tower Crew (English)

As the inhabitants of the Witch Tower show up on the blog every now and then, we thought it would be nice to introduce all of them on this side... ;O)  So have fun with the "Who is Who" of the Witch Tower - Oh, and please excuse our poor English....

Magica de Spell is the owner of the Witch Tower, a talented beary witch, tending more to good than to black magic - but you should never mess with her! Her name is a deep bow to Carl Barks, known by Donald-Duck-fans as "The Good artist", he created the original Magica de Spell, of course a duck witch, inspired by Morticia Addams. Our Magica isn't interested in hunting for the lucky penny of Scrooge McDuck, she doesn't live at the Vesuv neither, but she's wearing a hat from Kat-the-Hat-Lady - and is of course a "BiWuBär".

Nevermore is - sorry Mr. Poe, not a raven - but the witch-cat and devoted companion of Magica. There's different talk about him getting to the witch tower. Nevermore and Magica tell he was a salesperson for vacuumcleaners in former life, knocking at the witch's door at the wrongest of times... Nevermore is lucky with his new nine lives and doesn't miss the vacuumcleaners. Only Birgit claims he was a patched cat made by Schleich - but that must be a case of too much fantasy.

Igor ist the second companion of Magica, very curious, but a little vain, too. He enjoys being in the center of interest and can't cope with anyone having larger wings than he has. Being a vampire-bat, Igor loves blood in any form - and was made by Kristy Taylor (of course!)

Magicus de Spell is Magica's uncle, a talented wizard and a true womanizer - which became his personal curse. A jealous husband of a pretty witch charged him for a magical duel - and Magicus lost his body. Since then he's living as a wise head together with his niece. He too wears a hat made by Kat-the-Hat-Lady and of course he's a "BiWuBär", too (or at least the head of one).

Mysteria de Spell is Magica's younger sister. Magica and Mysteria went on separate ways after falling both in love with magician Arthud. After Mysteria lost her legs and ears in a magical duel with the Evil Wizard, she asked her big sister for help. Being welcomed with open arms she now lives in the witch tower, too. Mysteria is a "BiWuBär" and is wearing a designer hat made by Kat-the-Hat-Lady.
Arthud Skullington is Magica's great love... and he won't ever leave from her side anymore, and he won't also never forget that his dear love is responsible that he became a wizard again after spending a lot of time being jinxed into a toad. Arthud is a "BiWuBär" and is wearing a sorting hat made by Kat-the-Hat-Lady.
Borthud Skullington is Arthud's younger brother - he used to travel the whole world but since he met Mysteria he seems to feel quite at home at the witch tower. Of course Borthud is a "BiWuBär" and wears a hat made by Kat-the-Hat-Lady.
During her long life Gertie Gumthrop taught the secrets of herbs to so many sorcerer's apprentices that she truly deserves her retirement after being a witch professor for years. Gertie took care of Arthud and Borthud who lost their parents when they were still very young - and Gertie is *drumroll* the only doll as far as you can see, made by Nicky Cooper.

Sir Paul is the skeleton of the tower, he likes feeling comfy in his chair with a pillow in his back because this makes him stop feeling his bones. Sir Paul is known for having a real hat face.

Draco was laid in front of the witch tower when he was still a dragon-egg. He was found by Flutterby. As all humanlike dragons he grew in only a few days to his actual stature und is now concentrating on studying magic. He was made by Andrea of Mistymountains.
Draconia is a forest dragon and Draco's girl-friend. Like him she is introduced to the art of magic - it's better to learn in a team... Draconia was a birthday gift made after Birgit's wish by our dear friend Melli.
Roar is Mysteria's true companion - and a werpuppy. Roar is a friendly little chap - but you should never tease him or mess with Mysteria... in this case he will show what else is hidden in him. His howling alone will give you shivers to the bone... The little and the big Roar are wolves by Schleich.

Roland called Rolli is a goblin who lived at the estate of an evil wizard. He's glad having found a good home int the witch tower now. As all goblins he has a tendency to nonsense and he's not very reliable, but he's a friendly chap. Rolli was made by our talented friend Melli.
Polus was as Rolli owned by an evil wizard and had a hard life there, because he's very clumsy and damage never far away when he is around. Since he lives in the witch tower, he isn't less clumsier, but totally happy. He was made by Melli, too.

The teenage dragons Ruby and Emmy (short for Emerald) found together with Rolli and Polus a new home in the witch tower. Since Purple joined them, they are some kind of "Trio Infernale" having nothing but nonsense in their heads. Their hobby is annoying the Magical Mirror. Ruby and Emmy were made by Melli, Purple was won in a giveaway from Andrea / Mistymountains.
Paula's former life was even worse than the earlier days of Rolli, Polus, Ruby and Emmy - until Borthud started to take care of her. Since she's living in the witch tower she's still shy but happy every day. Paula too comes out of Melli's magical hands.
Orlin McTwizzle is a root gnome who was the servant of an evil vampire who treated him really bad. Since he's living at the witch towers his life turned out to be happy - but he's even more happy whenever he has the opportunity to dig in soil or to care about plants. Orlin was a birthday present from Melli, you can read his whole story here.
Oberon is the leader of the rainbow unicorns - three stallions in red, yellow and blue, three mares in green, violet and orange, with the white of Oberon and the black of Titania on their side bring the colours to the world. Oberon is the only one of the unicorns appearing in his normal size, he posesses magical healing powers in his golden horn. Oberon is a special edition of Breyer made of porcelain and created by Kathleen Moody.
These two are Fluby's worst nightmare... since Audrey is living at the witch towers he secured the doors of Strawberry Cottage with numerous padlocks. Maybe Audrey should better stop refering to him as "Hi, Sweetie..." - and the little gold dragon Häppchen (German for "tidbit") loves to play with Fluby's scarf - that's why Flutterby is aware of him at least during wintertime, too. Both were gifts from Melli.
Daggy, the helpful cactus, and Smarty, the I-know-all-about-everything-palm, were birthday presents from Melli... going directly into the property of Gertie Gumthrop.
The Magic Mirror is from the heirloom of the Evil Queen, Snow White's wicked stepmother, he was a real bargain. But not always is "cheap" the best choice, the Magic Mirror can get very nasty sometimes.

The helpful Magicbroom cleans the kitchen - and it's no surprise he's reminding of Disney's Fantasia. Hat and broom were made by Kat-the-Hat-Lady, the painting of the broom-stick and the arms were made by Birgit.

Knight Kunibert wanted to be a hero, fight dragons, rescue lovely maidens... now he's helping the helpful Magicbroom in the witch's kitchen as a special version of a kitchen aid. Life can be cruel - as can be a beary witch having a bad day... Knight Kunibert is a Playmobil figurine, only painted to take away the plastic shimmer and being glued to his tray.
Vincent is a house elf - busy as a bee, friendly and always helpful, even the dragons fail to make him nervous. Vincent was made by talented Sandra.
Egomil is the ghost of the witch tower - but somehow he seems to have a problem with claustrophobia because he prefers to sit on the dragon rock all the time. Egomil was made by Melli.
Fido is the guard dragon of the witch tower - and simply the best for this job. He used to be a simple painted, cheap toy-dragon made from plastic, but then he had a rendezvous with Birgit and her brushes.
Tschang, the gold dragon, is Borthud's friend and true companion. Tschang used to be a chinese dragon made by Papo but this was before he met Birgit and her brushes.
The four wise dragons are living on the dragon rock since time began and bring wisdom and positive energy to the world:
 Konfuzius stands for wisdom,
Reva for strength,
Farrell for courage
and Sakina for contentment. All four dragons and the whole dragon rock were gifts from Melli.
Esmeralda is Gertie's little dragon girl who lives on the dragon rock in the meantime. Esmeralda was made by Tinchen of "Tapsi's Bärenhöhle".
Ananas (= German for "Pineapple"), the fabulous scales dragon, also found a new home at the dragon rock, he too comes out of Melli's magical hands.
Aunt Paula and Boney are two more skeletons of the witch tower. It is well remembered that Aunt Paula only wanted to visit her nephew Sir Paul... since then she simply didn't leave. She can drive anyone nuts within seconds but since she saved Polus' life without taking care of her own bones all the witch tower inhabitants are well used to counting to twenty in their thoughts... During his lifetime Boney used to be a pirate of the Caribean - since Borthud met him during one of his many travels they are inseparable friends.
The Magomobile is Mysteria's prefered way to move - since she lost her legs due to a curse her times of flying a broom are over. The magomobile was the first price in a contest of the magazine "Witches Today" - but it's also possible that it used to be a simple metal car given as a present to us from Melli and that Birgit made a complete makeover. 

Kroax is the mail-raven of the witch-tower, but not known for being very reliable. On his way to the witch tower many girl-friends of his have their nest, so it can happen that the mail arrives a few days later... ;O) Kroax was made by Nicky Cooper.
The Garden of the Owl Tree is situated on the left side of the witch tower. Here's the home of Oberon and his Rainbow Unicorns, the Forest Elves, the Mermaids (all by Preiser, painted by Birgit) as well of some frogs (by Georgina Marfels and Nicky Cooper) - all living in the shade of the Owl Tree and the Rootmushroomtree.