Dienstag, 28. September 2021

Paint it black


heute meldet sich hier die Stimme aus dem Hintergrund... und die meisten von Euch wissen, dass das nichts Gutes bedeutet.
... today it's the voice from the background writing to you... and most of you will know that this doesn't mean good news.

Es ist schon merkwürdig, dass unser letzter Post noch mit "Die besten Partys..." betitelt und meine Welt vor wenigen Tagen noch schön und in Ordnung war, denn inzwischen habe ich das Liebste und Wichtigste in meinem Leben verloren. In der Nacht zum Samstag ist meine Mutter, besser bekannt als die stille Blogleserin, völlig überraschend und ohne jede Vorwarnung im Alter von nur 71 Jahren verstorben. Es ist mein einziger Trost, dass sie ganz friedlich im Schlaf gestorben ist und ich, als ich sie Samstag Morgen wecken wollte, im ersten Moment gedacht habe, dass sie noch tief und fest schläft. 
It's somehow strange that our last post was entitled with "The best party..." and a few days ago my world was still fine and totally okay because in the meantime I lost what was to me the most dearest and important in my life. In the night from Friday to Saturday my Mom, better known as the silent blogreader, died without any warning signs totally unexpected at the age of only 71. It is my only comfort that she died totally peaceful in her sleep - when I came to wake her up Saturday morning I thought for a short moment that she was still sleeping deeply and soundly.

Meine Mutter zu verlieren war die größte Angst in meinem Leben und ich finde keine Worte, um zu beschreiben, was sie mir bedeutet hat.
Losing my Mom was my biggest fear in life and I'm not able to find words to describe what she meant to me. 

Meine ganze Welt ist auseinandergebrochen und ich muss sehen, dass ich es irgendwie schaffe, damit klar zu kommen. Ich werde wohl eine Weile nichts posten können, aber ich hoffe, dass ich es bald schaffen werde, wieder Eure Blogs zu besuchen.
My whole world is torn apart and I need to find ways to deal with this. I won't be able to post for a while but I hope I will manage to visit your blogs again soon.


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Daydreamer hat gesagt…

Oh, Birgit, I am so so sorry to hear this news. It is something so unexpected and so hard to understand. My heart and my thoughts and my prayers are with you as you try to find your balance after such a huge loss. There are no words to convey my sadness for you. I will be thinking of you every day and sending all my support even though I can never be "there" for you. I wish there was more I could say that would help.
Your mini friend, Betsy

Unknown hat gesagt…

I am so sorry. 😢

Jodi Hippler hat gesagt…

Dearest Birgit my heart is aching at this horrible news. As we get older, we can’t help but think about the eventual loss of our parents. I don’t know that we are ever able to prepare for this certainty, and it fills us with absolute dread. Though you must continue your journey without your beloved mother by your side, know with all your heart that she will be there with you for every moment. Having the kind of closeness and bond that the two of you shared is the most precious thing this life can offer. And also the deepest loss to mourn. I hope it helps to know that the countless people around the world who’s lives you’ve enriched will be mourning with you.
I know she wanted to stay out of the limelight, but I hope that you’ll share with our blog community some of the stories of her life and things she did that made your mom extraordinary. To have been loved so dearly is a sure sign that she was.
I’m sending all my love and compassion and asking that you let all of us help you through the moments ahead. Big hugs.

Alexandra Martinez hat gesagt…

Dear Birgit,
I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you. Big hugs.

PILAR6373 hat gesagt…

Oh Birgit,cuando lamento esta noticia, tu madre era parte de nuestra pequeña blogosfera, la sentía como algo nuestro también.
Sólo puedo mandarte un gran abrazo y desear que todos los buenos recuerdos de ella acudan a tu mente para aliviar en parte tanto dolor como debes sentir, mucho ánimo querida amiga.

Drora's minimundo hat gesagt…

Dearest Birgit
My heart tears for you. I know what your mother meant to you and I also know how it feels when suddenly being left alone without the one and only person closest to your heart.
A big warm hug from one sharing your pain and mourning.

Ulrike hat gesagt…

Mein aufrichtiges Beileid liebe Birgit! Ich schicke dir eine virtuelle Umarmung und wünsche dir viel Kraft für die kommende Zeit.


Eloisa hat gesagt…

Lo siento muchísimo Birgit, perder a una madre de forma tan inesperada es realmente muy duro.
Te mando un fuerte abrazo y mucho ánimo para sobrellevar esa gran pérdida.

ram7255 hat gesagt…

Lo lamento muchisimo. Una triste noticia. Mis mas sinceras condolencias y un fuerte abrazo.

Isabel Ruiz hat gesagt…

Lamento tu perdida. ¡Mucho ánimo!

Marian hat gesagt…

Lo siento Birgit, mi corazón esta a tu lado.
Es doloroso perder a uno de nuestros padres sobre todo si su tiempo se ha acortado demasiado. Buscar un consuelo para estas situaciones es lo único que nos queda y saber que no han sufrido en su último aliento alivia el alma.
Ánimo Birgit solo el tiempo puede aliviar tu dolor.
Un saludo

Huibrecht hat gesagt…

My dear Birgit,

I am so sorry about your great loss. And more so now that it happened so unexpected. My condoleances to you and everyone who has known your mother. Take all the time you need .

In my thoughts I send you all the love and support I can give in this sad and dark time.

Take care of yourself.


Fabiola hat gesagt…

Dearest Birgit,
I'm so sorry for your for your great and unexpected loss. It is painful to lose your father or mother, you are never ready; of course, it is comforting that she died peacefully in her sleep.
My condolences to you and yours.
It takes time to assimilate this loss. When you are ready you will come back; we are waiting for you, dear friend.
A big hug.

Megan Wallace hat gesagt…

Oh Birgit, I am so deeply sorry to read this dreadful news. I don't even have words to console you. When you lose a loved one, it can taint your enjoyment in every part of life, so it is understandable that you will take a break to heal your heart. I can only hope that time will soften the pain, and that you will find balance in your life again soon.
Be gentle and kind to your soul, and surround yourself with supportive people. How I wish I was close enough to do something tangible for you!

Nina hat gesagt…

Liebe Birgit,

das ist ein Schock. Mein tief empfundenes Beileid von mir und meinem Vater.

Ich schicke ich dir, von ganzem Herzen, ganz viel Kraft in deine Richtung.