Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Kaffeeklatsch (Nr. 213)

unglaublich - heute ist der letzte Kaffeeklatsch... im Juli! Ich will ja nicht so grausame Scherze machen wie unser Lucky letzten Monat... *schmunzel* Uns hat immer noch die Hitzewelle im Griff - zwar gab es inzwischen auch bei uns mal Gewitter, aber das hat nicht abgekühlt, im Gegenteil, seitdem ist es richtig schwül und unangenehm.
... incredible - today is the last "Kaffeeklatsch... in July! I don't want to make any cruel jokes like our Lucky did last month... *smile* Around here we're still suffering from a heatwave - although in the meantime we had thunderstorms, but that didn't bring any refreshment at all, quite the opposite - since then it's really sultry and humid and somehow unbearable.
Aber das hat mich natürlich nicht abgehalten, heute für Euch in die Kaffeeklatschtasse zu klettern. Ich darf mich vorstellen - ich bin Ruby Fourty! Meinen Namen habe ich von dem Anlass, für den Birgit mich gemacht hat - ich war nämlich ein Geschenk zum 40. Hochzeitstag von Birgits Eltern. Wir hier in Deutschland nennen das die Rubinhochzeit... ist das anderswo eigentlich auch so? Mal schauen, ob es am 50. Hochzeitstag dann ein goldenes Bärchen geben wird... *kicher* Jedenfalls bin ich Birgits erstes zweifarbiges Bärchen - und normalerweise lebe ich in einer Buddhanuss, die mit genau 40 roten Rosen gefüllt ist. Schaut mal:
But of course this couldn't stop me from climbing in the "Kaffeeklatsch"-cup for you today. I may introduce myself - I am Ruby Fourty! My name refers to the occasion I was created for by Birgit - you must know I was the present for the 40th wedding anniversary of Birgit's parents. Here in Germany we're calling this the ruby wedding anniversary... do you also know this expression in other countries? Let's see if there will be a golden beary at the day of the 50th wedding anniversary... *giggle* Anyhow I am Birgit's first two-coloured beary - und ususally I'm living in a buddha nut which is filled with exactly 40 red roses. Have a look:
Mir gefällt's... ich möchte es gar nicht anders haben. Und wisst Ihr, was mir auch noch so richtig gut gefällt? Na klar - ein schöner, gemütlicher Sonntagsnachmittagskaffeeklatsch! Denn ganz egal wie das Wetter draußen ist - ein Sonntagsnachmittagskaffeeklatsch ist immer eine richtig gute Idee. Ich wünsche Euch dabei nachher ganz viel Spaß - bei ein, zwei Tässchen leckerem Sonntagsnachmittagskaffee und ein, zwei, drei, vier Stückchen oberleckerem Sonntagsnachmittagskuchen. Und eine schöne Woche wünsche ich Euch natürlich auch - genießt die letzten Tage im Juli und kommt gut in den August!
I like it that way... and wouldn't want to have it different. And do you know what else I really do like? For sure - a nice, cozy Sundayafternoon-"Kaffeeklatsch"! Because however the weather outside may be - a Sundayafternoon-"Kaffeeklatsch" is always a great idea. I'm wishing you loads of fun later on having one, two cups of tasty Sundayafternooncoffee and enjoying one, two, three, four cups of yummy Sundayafternooncake. And of course I'm wishing to you a great week on top - enjoy the last days of July and have a good start of August!
Liebe Grüße / Hugs
Ruby Fourty


Kays Kids hat gesagt…

Hi Ruby Fourty, yes we call it a wedding anniversary. You are very special, because Ruby's are so precious. I hope it cools down for you soon.
Hugs Granny

Biggibaeren hat gesagt…

Ein wunderschönes Geschenk bist du, kleiner Ruby.
Ich wünsche euch auch einen schönen Sonntag mit legger Kuchen.


The Old Maid hat gesagt…

Yup, we call the wedding anniversarys too!
Ruby 40 is such a thoughtful gift!
Have a great Sunday and the whole week anead!
Hugs and kisses

Veronique Blommaart hat gesagt…

Hello Ruby! For a moment there, I wasn't wearing my glasses, I thought you were not in a coffee cup but in an ice-cream cup! Chocolate-mocha ice cream....
Ah you can tell, I have a heat stroke!
It's too hot to ... well to do anything...
I am going to freeze some bananas and then put them in the blender and make myself a very healthy ice cream...

Happy Sunday!


Ilona hat gesagt…

Hallo Ruby Fourty :D! Yes, we Dutch also have names for a lot of wedding anniversaries, like gold, platinum, ruby, even oak, glass, paper and tin are a few names for the amount of years that the couple is married. What a wonderful thought that you made bearie Ruby for your parents for their 40th wedding anniversary :D!
Here the heat is also still not gone, but now it is a bit more bearable. We have had thunderstorms yesterday, but today the sun and the warmth are back again, so I decided to go on blog vacation now :D!! Due to the complete lack of energy I really have to stop making miniatures for a few weeks, but now and then I'll appear in the blog world for leaving some comments ;)!
So, take good care for yourselves and I hope you all will stay well in this period of extreme warmth!
Liebe Grüsse, Schepje und Ilona

Drora's minimundo hat gesagt…

A great name and a great gift.
Here too, we have names for wedding
I hope the heat calms down and you'll be able to enjoy a nice
Hugs, Drora

Plushpussycat hat gesagt…

Sorry about the heat and humidity. We had a brief reprieve and are now starting a new heatwave. :-( Have a great week ahead after enjoying your Sundayafternooncoffeeparty! ;-) Eat some extra cake for me, OK, Ruby Fourty? :-) xo Jennifer

Andy hat gesagt…

Oh Dear! the weather does sound unpleasant! I can't stand sticky, humid conditions, so I fully understand how you are feeling!

40 years of marriage! Wow! that's great, and Ruby will be a perfect gift the celebrate for your parents!

Hope you get to cool down soon!


Hannah hat gesagt…

We still have the heat wave here too, but a bit cooler now than last week =) ("only" 28C) But I'm not suffering from it, I'm enjoying it ;)
Yes, we have ruby, gold and diamond wedding anniversary here too =) I think there are actually names for all years, like the first year is cotton =) But I can't remember all the names, but I looked it up now, and I was apparently celebrating fruit wedding anniversary this year ;) (4years) Just add a 0 and I'll be at my Ruby anniversary, I wonder if I'll remember to think of you then Ruby! =) I think Birgit made a perfect gift for her parents! The nut with all the roses and then you, Ruby, on top off it all! Wonderful! I hope to see a golden beary-friend for you later ;)

Giac hat gesagt…

Hello Ruby,
You are lovely! Please congratulate Birgit's parents on my behalf. I hope they celebrated! It is scary how fast the month of July passed!
Big hug,

Steinworks hat gesagt…

Hi Ruby it's very nice to meet you, it's been wet and humid here too

Marisa :)

Pippibär hat gesagt…

UB 40 kennt ja jeder... aber ich kenne ja sogar Ruby Fourty... wobei diese Reggae Band ja auch irgendwas mit "rot" zu tun hatte.. ach ja "red red wine" war das. Die besingen dann zwar auch noch "Kingston Town" haben aber keine Ahnung wie schön so ein Kaffeeklatsch in Wankendorf Town ist... das wäre doch mal eine Idee... ich meine "ein zwei Tässchen Kaffee und drei vier Stückchen Kuchen"... das hört sich doch ziemlich hitverdächtig an oder?
Liebe Grüße
Melli, der offensichtlich die Wärme nicht bekommt weil sie auch ganz ohne "red red wine" ziemlich rumspinnt

Jane Smith hat gesagt…

Its so strange we are all strewn about the earth yet we seem to go through the same weather patterns???

Oh I guess its ok to sweat it out a bit, for when it gets cold, we will be shivering and our coffee cups will be clacking in our hands!

A wonderful and merry anniversary to the mom and pop!


Daydreamer hat gesagt…

Oh Dear... I must be stuck in a Time warp or something! I came here yesterday, but my comment didn't stick around!
I want to congratulate Birgit's parents on 40 years together!!! And Ruby is a Beautiful gift and Anniversary memento for them!!!
I am glad you had a turn in the Coffee Mug, Ruby, but I understand how you might prefer your "bed of roses" for all the rest of the year!!! (Let's hope this comment doesn't go wandering too... I wonder where my other one went????)

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" hat gesagt…

Ruby, felicita a los padres de Birgitt por su 40 aniversario. Mi esposo y yo cumplimos 41 el pasado 30 de Junio. Aquí también el tiempo está húmedo y bochornoso, pero veo que eso no impide que estés muy guapo! Un beso para Birgitt y para ti....

carmen hat gesagt…

que buenao una cama de 4o rosas...

Emanuela Valenza hat gesagt…

Lovely your bear - Ruby! Best wishes for the anniversary of your parents. And the weather? Our summer weather is definitely not a normal ...
Hugs. Manu

12Create hat gesagt…

Ruby Forty you are adorable, especially sitting on your roses.